Visionary, author and serial entrepreneur with a passion for business, travel, and family, Jay William has over 15 years experience in direct sales, online marketing, T.V. advertising, videography, website design and business management.

Being a risk taker with a never-satisfied attitude he built his first business from the ground up. His "go getter" attitude has helped him to become the successful C.E.O and founder of over 50 online companies such as Villa Marketers, Troll Traveler, Fantastic Vacation Homes and many others.

From humble beginnings Jay William was born in the fast pace city of New York. He migrated south and was raised in America’s number one vacation destination, Orlando FL. Jay William was destined to be a true sales professional, you could say it’s in his DNA. He was exposed to sales and marketing at a very young age, working in his father’s retail furniture store, gaining valuable sales experience that he would later use in his own ventures. In the beginning of Jay’s working career he was forced to find himself. As an effort to support his wife and children he tried a number of jobs from fast food, electrical, construction and even as a commercial cable installer he quickly realized manual labor was not his strongest suite. This forced him to push through his destiny and find his true passion, sales!

The next chapter of Jay’s career opened when an invitation was extended to work as a professional vacation sales associate at a popular resort in the Orlando area. There he received professional sales training and took off like a rocket. He quickly rose to the top breaking sales records and was someone you wanted on your sales team. His popularity as “top writer" followed him for the rest of his sales career. Jay later was offered a position as manager and consultant for a furnishing company specializing in vacation rentals. Jay saw the opportunity for growth and accepted the position. He was now on his course to land a career as the renowned vacation marketing expert, Jay William. His dedication and contributions helped create partnerships and developed a brand which is still respected in the vacation rental and furniture industry today.

Jay’s growth opportunity eventually hit the ceiling in his furniture venture; it was time to spread his wings. He wanted to go to the next level and thought about what he could do. It was then when Jay decided to open Villa Marketers and become a rental owner advocate. For years he had heard the woes of vacation rental owners and their complaints about the difficulty they had with their investments. Jay took his knowledge of web design, online marketing and sales experience to adapt unique techniques designed specifically for the needs of vacation rental owners and management companies.

Almost over night Villa Marketers was a success. With plenty of people in his rolodex needing his services his business catapulted to the top quickly. With his many years of working in the vacation rental industry Jay invested in people. He built close relationships with homeowners, property managers, realtors and investors, they often became his friends. These experiences helped him learn the business inside and out from different perspectives. This insight has allowed Jay to effectively solve problems that have plagued the vacation rental business and owners.

Always looking for the next big idea Jay William expanded his marketing efforts into business development and consulting. Helping his clients exceed in their markets. His clients range from small business owners, non profit organizations, to multi million dollar companies.

Jay has worked with hundreds of companies to improve their sales team offering internal sales training for management and sales staff. His aggressive marketing efforts and clever strategies have helped his clients get thier products out there and in front of the right people.

He’s even worked with recording artist promoting music and products online. His powerful online marketing was able to secure a spot on CBS’s Victoria’s Secret fashion TV show for one of his clients. His collaborative efforts with cruise giant Royal Caribbean and local charities helped to acquire and distribute relief aid in a time of crisis. Jay William has helped global charities and organizations collect donations for their causes by utilizing the internet, social networking and video marketing.

His wealth of experience and knowledge has made him a pioneer in the online marketing business. Dedicated and committed in learning new technologies and strategies to keep his business and his clients’ businesses two steps ahead, Jay William is a shooting star and a permanent fixture in online marketing and advertising venues.