For many years Jay has worked with real estate investors, entrepreneurs and business owners just like you from all around the world. Now, they're coming forward to share how Jay's expertise in business and marketing has helped change their businesses and enhance their reality.

Jay's the real deal! It seems like he puts himself in my shoes and approaches every situation from the idea of "what would I do if it were me". His unselfish style of training has helped us boost our sales and get us out there in front of our customers. Him and his team help us feel confident in a confusing world of new emerging technology. I'm glad to have Jay working side by side with us.

Vincent Griffith
San Diego Ca.

I was beginning to lose hope with my vacation rental. I had tried advertising my rental on my own but it just seemed hopeless. I was seriously considering letting the property go. I became frustrated because I was having trouble every month paying the mortgage with a booking here and a booking there. I had everything I thought I needed like a website, property manager and advertising, but I realized quickly after a few conversations with Jay that we were missing the mark. He helped us turn the situation around with our vacation rental we made a bunch of small changes which led to a huge difference. I've already generated an extra 17,000.00 this year with Jays instruction and improvements. I will continue to use Jays services for as long as I own my second home and so should you if you could use a helping hand.

Sean & Paula McNeil
Private Owners
Myrtle Beach S.C

I think I'm Jays biggest fan. I've been following Jays teachings, blogs and I also read his book, he's really influenced my thinking about business. His influence resonates with many business decisions I make. I treat my travel business more seriously in the area of marketing and management and find myself using the strategies Jay taught me almost instinctively. His areas of expertise are pretty broad, I've learned how to sell, online marketing, travel trends and just some smart business thinking. I would recommend Jays consulting services without hesitation to those who want the best in the field.

Jim Burkley
Travel Agent

The recession really hurt my hotel business. We were hit hard with the recession due to less people traveling and more travelers looking to book the cheapest deal they can find, so we thought. I was blaming the economy but the problem started with me. We offer a high end boutique hotel experience and we noticed a decline in new business, so we sought Jay out to help us drum up new business. To be honest I didn't like to hear all the things that Jay pointed out to us but without Jay's no B.S. approach we would still be making the same mistakes. Our hotel has seen a 35% improvement in online bookings and now our phone is always ringing. Jay has earned the right to my business, hes a class act.

Brian Dowell
Hotel Owner
South Padre Island

I have been working with Jay for a number of years now and he has helped our management company get noticed on the web by owners needing a management company and by travelers looking to rent. Jays a well rounded individual filling a real need in the rental and business market. But, I wouldn't limit Jay to being just an online marketer hes helped us with every aspect of our rental business from getting more bookings, automating our procedures, to teaching us the basic psychology behind selling and buying behaviors. He is our go to guy when we need help with our rental business! Thanks Jay

Chris Robertson
Property Manager
Portland Oregon

I purchased an investment property in Florida and Jay was referred to me by our real estate agent to assist us in getting our home rented out. I appreciated the opportunity to work with a true professional such as Jay. His integrity and attention to customer service was extremely important for us, you just can't find good service these days. Jay and his staff helped us develop a professional presentation for our villa with a super sleek website, online marketing campaign, photography, video ads and superior support and tools. He held our hand while we were getting started with our investment property and then he took off the training wheels, he stood beside us until we had a sustainable marketing system in place we could manage. If you need help with your investment property call Jay he can help!

Clive Gardneck
KLM Properties
Cayman Islands

I sincerely enjoyed working with Jay. We were introduced 7 years ago when I purchased my vacation home. Unfortunately I recently had to sell my rental property because of health issues, I'm just not able to travel anymore. Me and my wife Linda purchased the property for our family's use and thought; if we can make the home pay for itself we'd be happy with that. Jay exceeded those expectations he made the process of buying, owning and selling my property easier. He assisted greatly in keeping the property booked, generating income and he even helped to get my property sold when the time came.

I would recommend anyone with a vacation property to work with Jay and his helpful team of professionals, you won't be disappointed.

Frank Levington