Visionary, author and serial entrepreneur with a passion for business, travel, and family, Jay William has over 15 years experience in direct sales, online marketing, T.V. advertising, videography, website design and business management. Being a risk taker with a never-satisfied attitude he built his first business from the ground up. His "go getter" attitude has helped him to become the successful C.E.O and founder of over 50 online companies such as Villa Marketers, Troll Traveler, Fantastic Vacation Homes and many others.


I bring the knowledge Iíve obtained and years of experience as a top sales professional to the table in this book for you. Itís a crash course covers hundreds of professional sales tips to help you to advertise your vacation home for rent.



  • I promise to provide the very best anytime I work for you.
  • I promise to handle your questions and concerns with urgency.
  • I promise to never cut corners and always strive for your success.
  • I promise to always offer exceptional value at a reasonable cost.
  • I promise to treat you with the respect you deserve.
  • I promise to be truthful even when the truth hurts.
  • I promise to do what I say and say what I'll do.
  • I promise to take your trust in me seriously.
  • I promise to meet all agreed deadlines.
  • I promise to put your interest above mine.

Nobody's perfect but I strive to be. When you always try to do the best you can and put your customers first everything else just falls in line, its really that simple. In the event I don't meet your expectations I will work with you until we make it right! This is my promise to you.